March 29, 2023

Validation Workshop Held for Digital Gender Inclusion Strategy

Islamabad (March 29th, 2023): Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in collaboration with UNESCO Pakistan, successfully concluded the consultation process with stakeholders on the digital gender inclusion strategy.

The process included a series of workshops & surveys conducted across Pakistan, culminating in a validation workshop held today at PTA headquarters, Islamabad. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Sadaf Khan, UNESCO consultant. It was attended by representatives from government organizations including Ministry of IT & Telecom, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Human Rights, USF, Ignite, FIA, Higher Education Commission, National Commission on Status of Women, BISP etc. Non-government organizations like UN Women, UNIDO, GSMA, Code for Pakistan and telecom operators also participated in the workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to ensure that the draft digital gender inclusion strategy is inclusive, and responsive to the needs of local communities. The draft included actions to address key barriers such as access, affordability, digital literacy and skills, safety & security and inclusion etc. along with suggested mechanisms and collaborations with key stakeholders. All stakeholders validated the suggested mechanism for bridging digital divide as suggested in the strategy.  Ministry of IT & Telecom endorsed the strategy development process and extended full support and commitment to be a leading partner for implementation of the strategy. 

Digital Gender Inclusion Strategy is being developed with support from UNESCO Pakistan. The strategy aims to bring all government and private sector stakeholders on board to recommend specific action plan that can help achieve gender parity in use of ICTs and digital skills in line with International Telecommunication Union’s 2030 goals. This strategy will help PTA and stakeholders to bridge the digital gender divide in Pakistan.