November 10, 2023

SIM Disowning Charge Apply on SIMs having Less than 6 Months Retention Period

Islamabad (10 November 2023): Effective from January 1 2024, Cellular Mobile Operators in Pakistan and AJK & GB may levy a "SIM Disowning Charge" up to Rs. 200 on SIMs having retention period of less than six months.

To check the status of registered SIMs, consumers can use following methods: by visiting or sending an SMS with CNIC number (without dashes) to 668 (charges apply). Furthermore, all consumers are advised to disown or return unnecessary SIMs, free of charge, latest by December 31, 2023. By doing so, consumers can avoid SIM disowning charge and contribute towards responsible usage of SIMs.

A one-time waiver against the SIM disowning charge will be granted in cases of illegal SIM issuance without the knowledge or consent of the consumer.

With this decision, PTA stays committed to national safety and security while ensuring uninterrupted quality services to all telecom consumers. 


Malahat Obaid
Director PR