July 07, 2022

PTA Formulates Cyber Security Framework

Islamabad (July 07, 2022):  Through extensive consultation and deliberation with Telecom Industry and leading cyber security experts, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has formulated "Cyber Security Framework”.

This framework is based on Critical Telecom Data and Infrastructure Security Regulation (CTDISR) by PTA and defines the obligation for auditors and PTA’s licensees. It provides guidance to the auditors for performing gap assessment in the light of PTA’s Cyber Security Regulations including interpretation and expectations against each security control where necessary. As part of the framework, a maturity model has also been devised, whereby the controls have been classified on the basis of their criticality. It is pertinent to highlight that International Telecommunication Union (ITU) gives significance to the Cyber Security Framework of each member state while calculating Global Cyber Security Index (GCI).

The framework is a significant step towards improving the security landscape of the telecom industry and will enable organizations to better manage and reduce cybersecurity risk.