February 28, 2022

PTA Conducts 2nd Nationwide Mobile Quality of Service Benchmarking Test

Islamabad (February 28, 2022): Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has conducted second nationwide Network Performance Score (NPS) Benchmarking Campaign from 11th January to 2nd February 2022 in different cities, towns and motorways/highways throughout Pakistan to assess quality & performance of mobile networks in line with the latest NPS methodology.

A total of 5 cities, 4 towns and 4 motorways /highways were surveyed and more than 15,000 voice calls were made and 45,000 data tests were performed. The QoS test covered an area including cities, towns and roads in federal and provincial capitals of approximately 4,522 KM in length.

NPS is a harmonized and integrative scoring methodology standardized by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) that characterizes the overall network performance based on automated tests with commercial smartphones simulating the typical end-user behavior (voice call, browsing etc.) in a public network. NPS enables telecom regulators to compare and assess the quality of all mobile networks based on international standard KPIs. NPS is now part of Cellular Mobile Network Quality of Service (QoS) Regulations 2021 issued by PTA.

Based on this, PTA has gained valuable insights about the performance of each mobile network operator. By making this survey public, PTA is spurring competition among the operators to improve their existing infrastructure with the aim to increase country-wide mobile network quality. Bringing Pakistan’s LTE networks at par with the internationally adopted standards will lay the foundation for a future roll-out of 5G technology on a sound footing.

PTA conducts nationwide mobile Quality of Service (QoS) Surveys on periodic basis in order to assess the network performance of all Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) with respect to licensed KPIs for voice, data and SMS services. Results are available at PTA’s website for awareness of subscribers besides taking the same with concerned operator(s) for required actions to improve services wherever required.

The NPS report detailing the survey results can be seen at:  https://pta.gov.pk/assets/media/second_network_performance_score_28022022.pdf


Khurram Ali Mehran 

(Director PR)