January 07, 2020

PTA Allows Non-Commercial trials of 5G

(Islamabad): In line with the policy directive of the Government of Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued "Framework for Test and Development of Future Technologies (Particularly Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Networks in Pakistan)" in June 2019 for facilitating testing/trial only of 5G technology and related services in Pakistan.

As a follow up of the above mentioned policy directions, PTA has granted six months permission to PMCL (Jazz) and CMPak (Zong) to conduct test and trial of 5G Technology under limited environment. The permission is limited to testing purpose only on non-commercial basis.

PTA always supports and encourages introduction of new technologies and enhanced services. However, any impression given beyond the stated purpose by any Cellular Mobile Operator (CMO) would be considered misleading and may invoke appropriate regulatory action.

Commercial launch of 5th Generation services in Pakistan would be done in due course following a process involving policy directions by Government of Pakistan and necessary regulatory approvals.


(Khurram Ali Mehran

Director (PR)