August 14, 2020

Misleading Advertisement by VRG

Islamabad (August 14, 2020): On 14th August 2020, Virtual Remittance Gateway Pvt Ltd (VRG) through advertisements in the press claimed that it is "Commercially operational for Asaan Mobile Account (AMA) scheme with Jazz and SCO". In the larger public interest it is clarified that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has not yet issued Commencement Certificate to VRG for Commercial Operations of AMA Scheme in Pakistan.

Moreover, for AJ&K & GB, VRG has even not been awarded any Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) license. Hence, general public is advised not to undertake any commercial activity till all the license conditions for commercial launch of AMA scheme have been met by VRG as per TPSP License.

PTA has already directed VRG to immediately stop any such commercial operations in relation to AMA scheme until PTA issues commencement certificate to VRG.