October 09, 2015

Work From Home Policy Implemented in PTA on Trial Basis:

Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced a new policy of Work from Home/Teleworking (Telecommunicating) to facilitate the female employees of PTA which will provide a convenient and comfortable working environment  for women.

In the first phase, a batch of female officers with small children have been allowed one day "Work from Home" during a week. After the successful completion of the first phase more officers will be allowed to avail one day work from home during a week.

To make the setup workable, all the requisite facilities including the online portal, email and other data resources have been configured for remote access and usage. The video conferencing arrangements has also been arranged to ensure official communication between officers and supervisors.

It may be mentioned that, "Work from Home Policy" is aimed at facilitating employees to make the working environment as positive as possible. PTA believes in empowering its employees and endeavours to provide equal opportunity to all employees to work in an environment where they can provide quality input at not only a comfortable pace but one that also caters to the human needs of the employees.


Khurram A. Mehran

Director (PR)