December 07, 2007

PTA Takes Cognizance of Complaints Against PTCL Package

Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed PTCL to refrain in future from announcing any pre-activated package without customersâ?? consent and without prior approval of the Authority.

These directions came in the wake of PTCL announcement of â??Pakistan Packageâ? on December 1, 2007 wherein the package was activated on all PTCL numbers and they were to be charged at Rs. 199 per month.

Taking cognizance of the consumer complaints, PTA has directed PTCL not to charge Rs. 199 from those subscribers who are unable to opt out of the package and have NWD bill of less than Rs. 200 per month in the corresponding months.

It has also directed PTCL to reduce the time period of subject package to 60 days with no extension. As announced by PTCL it was a limited time offer which was extendable and now it would be available for only 2 months. This decision is taken to ensure healthy competition and to safeguard consumersâ?? interest.

The Authority has further said that PTCL is directed to refrain from launching/announcing any promotion or tariff package without prior approval of the Authority by submitting complete details of such package(s) to the Authority at least ten (10) days in advance and also to refrain from pre-activating such packages without customersâ?? prior consent.

It may be mentioned that the Authority has always appreciated innovative packages from the operators; however, it also has to ensure that the same should not disturb consumersâ?? interest and fair competition.


(Khurram Ali Mehran)

Deputy Director (PR)