January 11, 2023

PTA Issues Cyber Security Annual Report 2022

Islamabad (January 11, 2023): Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has released its Cyber Security Annual Report for 2022 on the compliance of its Critical Telecom Data and Infrastructure Security Regulations (CTDISR). The report provides a detailed analysis of the cyber security readiness and resilience of top 15 telecom operators in Pakistan.

PTA conducted validation audits of top 15 operators, categorized on the basis of their size of network and license type, among other factors. According to the report, Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL) - Jazz has secured the highest percentage of compliance in Cat-I category (this includes all Cellular Mobile Operators and large fixed-line operators with multiple licenses), followed by Telenor Pakistan as runners up.

In Cat-II, which includes medium to large operators/ISPs, RedTone has secured the highest percentage of compliance, followed by Multinet as runners up.  The report includes an overall Cyber Security Index (CSI) of the telecom sector, as well as ranking of telecom operators based on their level of compliance to 16 Security Domains comprising 104 Security Controls outlined in CTDISR. The report also highlights strong and weak areas of the telecom sector and provides aggregated anonymized information about major cyber security incidents in the last year.

The Cyber Security Annual Report 2022 is based on the Cyber Security framework published by PTA in 2020 and 3rd party audits performed by PTA's registered cyber security firms. PTA remains committed to securing Pakistan's telecom sector and its users from cyber-attacks by implementing robust cyber security regulations and validating these with regular audits to ensure compliance. PTA also encourages operators to prioritize cyber security and strive for continuous improvement to ensure a cyber-resilient telecom sector for all.

The report is available at PTA's website: https://pta.gov.pk/assets/media/cyber_security_annual_report_11-01-2023.pdf


Malahat Obaid

(Director PR)