October 25, 2021

PTA-GSMA Workshop on Mobile Identity Opportunity in Pakistan

Islamabad (October 25, 2021): The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the GSMA, organized a workshop on 25th Oct, 2021 at PTA Auditorium, with the aim of exploring the benefits of digital Identity to consumers and businesses in order to advance the digital transformation agenda in Pakistan. The workshop was attended by PTA senior officers, representatives of all mobile operators and Infobip, a global cloud communications platform.

During the workshop, GSMA and Infobip speakers presented the key requirements and functionalities of mobile Identity with focus on use cases and improved security measures to safeguard customer data. Sessions were succeeded by an interactive round of open dialogue among the participants where it was agreed that mobile industry has a leading role to play in digital identity, and the commercial opportunities for operators.

The mobile operators have a collective responsibility to ensure consumer trust that is vital to the continued growth of the digital economy. PTA has always been proactive in supporting the introduction of consumer-centric innovative solutions like mobile identity to achieve the Digital Pakistan vision. It was agreed that consultation process will continue in the form of a working group that will include representation from more stakeholders in the mobile identity process.

Khurram  Ali Mehran

(Director PR)