June 05, 2008

No legal voice ports blocked

A spokesman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has said that PTA never directed any internet bandwidth providers to block any legal voice ports. In fact, it was observed that a large number of VoIP calls were being terminated /originated by operators who were not licensed to do so. For instance Internet Service Providers (ISPs)/ Data Network Operators (DNOPs) were passing VoIP traffic illegally on ports 1720 & 5060 used for H.323 and 5060 respectively. PTA was of the view that these ports should only be used by legitimate operators such as Long Distance Internationals (LDIs) and Call Centers which are authorized to carry traffic over IP beyond international boundaries.

This was observed after PTA recently installed technical facility to check illegal telecom traffic coming into Pakistan. Data filtered by the system was analyzed for scrutinizing IP traffic of the country.

Therefore, PTA while ensuring the legal use of ports, directed PTCL and TWA to make arrangements for it so that no illegal use of ports takes place.

The spokesman said that this would help to block bulk of grey traffic flowing through IP backbone and would create a level playing field for all stake-holders.The spokesman said that there is no question of blocking any national or international call centre. The spokesman added that telecom sector and other allied sectors and sub-sectors are growing fast and being facilitated in every possible way.


Khurram Ali Mehran

Deputy Director (PR)