April 13, 2007

No Harmful Virus in Mobile Phones: PTA

Islamabad: A spokesman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), while commenting on some news reports in a section of press, has explained that there is no virus found in mobile phones anywhere in the country causing damage to human body.

It may be noted that it was widely rumored in some parts of the country that a call from particular numbers can cause loss or damage to the human body. On inquiry no such effects were found, the spokesman added.

Technically speaking, there is no computer software virus which affects human health. The computer viruses are software programs that affect computer software / operating systems and do not harm any living being. Further, the mobile handsets are built on specific standards across the world while keeping in view the safety of human health.

The spokesman also appealed to the mobile phone users not to believe such rumors.


Khurram Ali Mehran

Deputy Director (PR)