January 02, 2008

Launch of WiMax Services in Pakistan

Islamabad: WiMax networks and Wireless Broadband services have been commercially launched across the country heralding a new milestone in the Telecom sector of Pakistan.

The launch of commercial WiMax services has positioned Pakistan as the leader in the region to initiate wireless Broadband services that would be available to its consumers nation wide. Other regional countries including India are yet to offer such services; analysts believe that these countries may take a considerable time to reach the position that Pakistan has attained.

WiMax is the latest, ITU recognized, 3G technology capable of providing voice, broadband data and commercial video telephony services. With the launch of WiMax services in Pakistan, the subscribers to this service will be able to make video calls and telephony through special handsets while callers will be able to see live video/picture of each other in addition to voice conversation. The users will also enjoy wireless broadband services and will be able to use Internet at much faster speed as compared to normal dialup internet services or fixed line broadband services. These operators are also aiming at providing broadband data solution for corporate users in Pakistan.

At present M/s Wateen Telecom, an international telecom player is offering commercial WiMax services in most parts of the country. Mytel, a local operator in Peshawar, has also launched its commercial operation of WiMax in Peshawar. On the same front, other Wireless Local Loop operators including Burraq, PTCL, Z-WLL and Cyber Internet are busy in the deployment of WiMax networks. All of these operators are in their testing phase and will soon be able to offer commercial WiMax services in the country.


(Khurram Ali Mehran)

Deputy Director (PR)