December 26, 2007

Telecom Sector Makes Decisive Contribution Towards Economy: Minister

December 07, 2007

PTA Takes Cognizance of Complaints Against PTCL Package

November 24, 2007

Mobile Companies Complete 85% Verification of Consumer Data

November 15, 2007

PTA and NTRA of Egypt signed MoU for Cooperation in the Field of Telecommunications

November 12, 2007

Chairman PTA Meets ITU Secretary General

October 25, 2007

Chairman PTA Attends World Radio Communication Conference

October 17, 2007

Mobile Companies Directed To Close 11 More Franchisees

September 28, 2007

PTA deposits Rs 1.2 billion with AJ&K Council and NAs Secretariat

September 22, 2007

PTA Directs Mobile Operators to Seal 6 Franchisees Across the Country

September 21, 2007

PTA to Acquire Technical Solution for Illegal Telecom Traffic

September 19, 2007

PTA Starts Cellular Mobile Quality of Service (QoS) Survey

August 24, 2007

Pakistan to help regional countries in developing regulatory regime: Minister

August 22, 2007

PTA will impart training on MNP to other countries: Chairman PTA

August 15, 2007

Mobile Companies to Speed up Verification of Consumers Data

August 02, 2007

PTA starts checking unauthorized sale of SIMs

July 23, 2007

PTA hosts Workshop on Distance Learning Practices for Asia Pacific Region

July 20, 2007

PTA Cautions Mobile Phone Users of Fraudulent Calls/SMSs

June 18, 2007

Bangladesh Seeks Pakistani Support to Carry On Reforms In Its Telecom Sector

June 14, 2007

Pakistan Ahead of Regional Countries in Telecom Regulatory Environment

June 08, 2007

ITU Establishes Centre of Excellence at PTA

April 25, 2007

MNP Brings In Competition and Improves Quality of Service: Chairman PTA

April 18, 2007

Telecom Services Will be uplifted in Murree

April 13, 2007

No Harmful Virus in Mobile Phones: PTA

April 04, 2007

SATRC Workshop Agrees to Form a Working Group

April 02, 2007

Three-day SATRC Workshop Starts

March 30, 2007

SATRC Workshop on Interconnection in Convergence Starts from April 2, 2007

March 19, 2007

Preparations for Launching of MNP Facility Completed: Chairman PTA

March 16, 2007


February 28, 2007

Country teledensity reached at 36% : Chairman PTA

February 16, 2007

Deadline to Submit Applications for Free Telecenters Extended

February 16, 2007

Lahore High Court dismisses PTCL Appeal on Bandwidth Tariffs

February 08, 2007

Chinese Delegation Visits PTA Headquarters

February 02, 2007

PTA To Establish 400 Telecentres In Rural Areas

January 26, 2007

PTA To Spread Telecom Services In FATA: Chairman PTA